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Day: 11-04-2014 (Day 5 in Step 1)

Got out during the day, around 13h. Went to the mall.

Best place i would say, was around the stores and in the womens sections.

I would say that this was a more anxious situation, also tryed to staty a little longer on the makeup session. The worst for me and that i still didnt do it was the lingerie session, i feel a little weird to go there alone.

While in this state i am in a more anxiety feeling state, since i am going out with the intention of meeting women and to the steps. SO in my mind i know that i am there for this.

Also i come across the women section and pass through it the woman of the store asked me if there was anything she could help me? I was like “no, i am just looking around” but in my mind i was thinking that i did something wrong.

I refuse my thoughs and went to a store with parfums, men section, and the women there asked me again. SO i think this was good because i got the same answer on 2 different ways, which give me the assurance that nothing was wrong.

I do think this step is very important because it makes you feel confortable going out with the intention of meeting women, which by itself and in our mind is something not common, so the brain fight it and we become more anxious.

SO today gonna go out again, so mall more!!