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I know you’re renowned for getting girls which alone means there is something you do correctly that is getting you those results. And since it isn’t what you call ‘lots of eye contact’, it must be something else. And whatever that is, it is worth learning by other guys including myself.

On the other hand, there are other renowned guys who emphasise the criticality of eye contact in all phases of seduction. And I think their method is worth learning by us as well. But regardless, this is a big subject in its own and I did not intend to discuss it here. And didn’t ask about it either.

But where in my story do you see I did that ‘lots of eye contact’ kind of thing? Does her reaction to my expressing about kissing her supports your conclusion? And by the way, this was the only intense eye contact that I gave her which lasted maybe 5 or 6 seconds. So if you’re interested in finding out how I went with the eye contact throughout that date, you’re welcome to simply ask or how do you expect your advice to be useful when you’re addressing a ‘problem’ which did not exist?

I appreciate your effort in sharing that scientific research, although I find it irrelevant to my situation. But I really appreciate you’re making an effort to help me.


PS yesterday, I kissed a girl that I see for the first time. If you ask me I give the credit to my eye contact.