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So when some people get extreme in applying a method, you start thinking the method isn’t working. If I get you correctly, you assume in some part of your mind that ABC and making the girl come to you don’t go along with each other very well, and this is why you’re still bringing assumptions. If she was interested in so many things, compliant, touching me and other things that I can tell you about, what’s your point in telling someone “steamroll your way through the whole process”. This is known to me and it’s not my question.

Also, if you are OK with enlightening me with your unique way in how you make someone trust you’re telling the truth, and where you look, I’d appreciate learning about this, although it’s not my original topic. Because all the self improvement stuff that I know say look them in the eyes. Let’s say he or she’s your boss or subordinate or a girl you’d like to engage sexually with her.

With all respect to you and how to think.