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Day: 08-04-2014 (Day 2 in Step 1)

Today i walked for some new places, i didnt find any place with many 1-1 person to approach. Not so many opportunities, need to find places with more girls around. The streets ok, but many girls and group of girls… i am in a turistic city center. Shoppings also close yearly…

Regarding my emotions i feel good of doing this steps and i fell my body reacting to the change! I feel little anxiety, lets say a health anxiety, doing the step and i am becoming more used to it.

The way i can describe is that by going out with the intention of pick up girls the body locks down, feel anxious.

It is like asking a girl for hours, if you were not interested in her and really the hours there would not be a problem but when you ask for time to pick her up your body lock you down.

Gently i see that my body is getting used to the idea of going out to pick women.

Improvement: I want to find places with richier opportunities.

I am with a smile while writing this, it feels good the feeling of mission accomplished 🙂