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We met and she was so happy to see me again. I parked my car before calling her so I could give her a hug. I hugged her and kissed her on the side of her face and complimented her new and attractive hairstyle. I did that to make it obvious that I am not seeing her just as a friend. While waiting to cross the road I bent my arm and asked her to hook but she refused (resistance). I didn’t know how to deal with this and whether it was useful to try it again later. Some other kino went very well. We said we’d go to coffee but the mall was closing and we ended up at the food court so we had dinner. You may not like it but I think it came across natural and unplanned. I paid for it because she paid when we met in her home city several months ago. Beside that clear physical resistance, she was easy to lead in where to go, where to walk, what to eat, where to sit (side by side) and in coming close, leaning on me and taking a selfie with me. She laugh a lot and asked me why I look in her eyes and complimented me a lot throughout the evening.

But the logistics were bad. I don’t have a room in this city and she is living with her business partner (not sexual interest at least not from her side)

She asked me if we can meet again. I suggested showing her my city in the weekend. She got a bit worried. I looked her in the eyes and told her we wouldn’t do anything unless it feels right and comfortable to both of us. She said she trusted me, but she had couple of other excuses. She said she’d think and let me know. She was so apologetic. I looked in her eyes again and told her she didn’t have to worry about me.. I love she comes with me but I’m find if she cannot. But she remained apologetic.

Now she wants me to go with her to a bar on Thursday with 2 other couples, but I rejected the offer. She insist I take her somewhere on Friday. I told her let me think of something to do.

It isn’t possible to put down every detail but she looks very submissive with me and dependant on my decisions and eager to meet, but I’m confused also. If I take her for a day activity in the city where she lives now, I’m afraid to emphasise the friendship frame. And if I take her to a club, none of us looks like a club person and I’m afraid to screw things up.

So fuzzy!