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I don’t think anyone can answer that question because it is so open ended. Here is some general stuff to think about. In my opinion, the best first dates are short and they end when the man says he has to go. That’s exactly the opposite of what most women expect, which is why it works. You can say you had fun but you should say nothing that assures her she’ll see you again. Don’t make dinner dates. They show too much commitment. One or two drinks or even coffee. I love asking girls to afternoon coffee dates. It makes them feel like the date is not that important to me, and they’re right. It’s not important. It’s just the first step to figuring out if I like them. Don’t banter too much by text before the first date. It shows that you have nothing better to do than write back and forth with a girl you hardly know. You’re busy. You have other things going on, and, presumably, some of those other things you have going on are dates with other women. On the date, touch her, tease her, and talk about sexual topics. Qualify the crap out of her. If you love reading, ask her if she does too. Ask her what she’s read. Don’t give her a free pass on achievement and experience. Girls love it when you don’t try to kiss their asses.