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Thank you Lee for passing by, I’m not sure you got me. The plan was to go for a coffee and because she doesn’t have car and doesn’t know the city very well I told her “no problem, I pick you up, send me your address” and she agreed and asked me whether to send it on Skype or to my phone. I still think there was nothing wrong in that. What supports this is that when she didn’t send, I ignored her for a week to let her know that I don’t comply with her and that without her helping me, we’d never meet and I wouldn’t care. She was like couldn’t believe I called again and was worried not to see me before 23rd which is still far! That’s why I believe that was a resistance kind of thing.

But because you mentioned it, I’ll pay more attention to how it may happen next time.

Anyway, the potential resistance.. she already called me after all of that and asked me if I can take her to a bar as 2 of ‘her friends’ invited her. I said “if you’d like to go to the bar, you can and I’ll come to you on another day”. “don’t you wanna come with me to the bar?” she asked. “no” I assertively answered. her: I’ll cancel with my friends because I have work next morning … me: I’d like to have fun time only me and you … etc.

As a strong business woman, I expect lots of humps to her vagina. I just like to hear few different examples of how to drive on them more smoothly, because I cannot write about every small details to let you exactly how each and every thing has been going so far in order for you to give me full analysis of what went wrong and right.