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I am not an expert, but I thing I know some general things. What I see that the so called ‘dating experts’ outside the pick-up community don’t know how it works. This is not to say that every coach in the pick-up community deserves the title ‘expert’.. just a note.

Perhaps when she told you that she had never been approached like that before she really meant it. And many of those people have not yet heard about what we know about how things work between men and women. What makes you guess she didn’t?

But anyway, you can go with her like you would with any other girl, because human behaviour is motivated by feelings not conscious thoughts. So if you’d use Grey with another girl, use it with this girl. But I wouldn’t use it if I’m not comfortable doing the same with other girls. I mean I’d treat this girl as if I didn’t know her dating job and I would avoid stirring her thoughts about how dating works.