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A lot of times I am still using situational/ observational openers…simply because this is how I first learned to do approaches….so a lot of openers are comments about a girl’s outfit or what she seems to be doing…bad habits die hard I guess….

AA – I don’t have much AA for indirect approaches anymore….in other words if the situation presents itself – eg at the queue for coffee or some girl standing next to me on the crosswalk….I can open almost immediately…

For Direct, It’s a bit confusing…..I do have some residual AA going direct….on the other hand, the best way to eliminate this residual AA seems to be to go direct….

The 3 second rule – I have a few canned openers for most of the standard scenarios or places where I would practice / approach girls….to be honest however there are still many gaps in my approach…

I’m trying to get to the point where the least amount of openers will get me the most effective results…..At the same time the openers have to be congruent with my personality. Ie the words should be words that I can own when I say them so they come across as genuinely authentic…..

Here are some of my current openers :

Subway / metro

1) Hey, why the serious look on your face , you look like you’re thinking deep thoughts
2) You know, you look like you’re out to rock the night in that outfit…..big party….or hot date ?

I also want to try this one, which I got from the Girls Chase blog – “ going anywhere fun / exciting ?”

Supermarket :

1) why the serious look , you look like you’re having deep thoughts
2) you’re shopping for your dinner here isn’t it …? ( & I point at her basket since I mostly hit the supermarket around 7-9 pm )
Street :
There’s a whole bunch of stuff for the street that would probably be better off in a separate post but a common one is when she comes up from behind and is walking past me in the same direction

1) Hey, you’re walking really fast ….late or a hot date ? sometimes I’ll add “ how about I race you …”

Two girls sitting :
Invariably I prefer to use the “conversation about guys opener “ its versatile and easy ….if they are sitting together but not really talking, then I modify and say “ you two look like you’re about to have a conversation about guys “

3-5 girls :
1) conversation about guys
2) you girls look straight out of Sex and the City ( & I have a whole spiel for what follows after that , I can put it up here if you like….)

I notice from your posts you do a lot of approaches in clothing stores….I’d like to do more of those, any suggestions ?