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Hey….Thats great news ! glad to hear you’re making leaps forward on your AA & getting all those positive responses….strangely enough, I have begun feeling way less AA on approaches as well….perhaps our development is parallel !

I’m beginning to think that subconsciously the girls mirror our own emotional state, and if we are relaxed and enjoying the approach, then they seem to be more relaxed too…

Phone numbers – it happens…….one of the ways I ask is simply to ask them out first….I’ll say something like “ listen, lets get a coffee sometime later this week …and look at their reaction…if they are cool with it, I’ll take the number.…if they’re not enthusiastic or ignore the suggestion then I leave it……some chicks will say “let me take your number “ to which I can only reply “ I always thought it’s the guy’s job to call the girl first “ ( courtesy of John Keegan for that one ) …

Sex nuanced comments – you might want to work on stuff that you are comfortable with…that means your own lines…for example when describing what I look for in women I date, I often say “ I like Personality, a bit of an attitude and some meat on the ass “ …a bit crude but it seems to work.….

Eric has an interesting post from almost 9 years ago, called dealing with flakes which I think relates to this phone number issue as well. …..this is the link but if it doesn’t work, just search on this site.

have fun !