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@ Zhelyazko – yes that’s the idea , steering towards topics that are of interest to you or that you can develop into a conversation & topics or subjects that you can expand into sexual nuances ……of course all this is easier said than done ! Its partially a mindset thing ….when a girl we’ve just opened starts talking enthusiastically, our AA is relieved and we are happy to just let her prattle on…..

Another one that recently came up during a supermarket pickup – this was a Barbie type girl with long blonde hair all the way to her waist and an all black outfit…( I almost opened her with “Hey Barbie “ but thought the better of it )
she starts talking about her work situation….
She : in my office my boss and colleagues they like to work overtime, every day till 8 pm or later…we all have to…………..
Me ( cutting in right away ) they ‘re not really working that much………from my experience, when that happens they’re just using the office broadband, the guys are watching porn ( Pause ) and the girls are doing online shopping……..and gossiping about the guys….
She : (Gives me a long hard stare )….then “ Yes, that’s true also….haha “

Just to show how hard it is, despite a few minutes of conversation in which she seemed to be getting interested …..I bailed out of the interaction too early & didn’t get her number..….….( that was mostly just me being chicken )