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Well I keep my text 3 days a part, last time I initiated was last Thurs which is a week ago. I don’t see where it went wrong, could of been the dinner part but I don’t think it was that serious.

Me: Hey Curvey good morning, or should I admit I had different thoughts this morning?

Her: Lmfaooo

Her: Yes Admit!!

Her: Good Morning πŸ™‚

Me: I’ll tell you when I see you..

Her: Oh yeah? When will that be?….

Me: Actually it’s your turn

Her: My turn for?

Me: To cook, I also like to be spoiled.

Her: Oh ok. That’s not a problem. I just haven’t cooked since my surgery really. I have no food and haven’t done a Compra cause I can’t carry the bags.

Me: That’s fine, I was using dinner as an excuse to get to the dessert πŸ™‚

Her: No response.

This was at 8:15am and it’s now 2:15PM