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Here are ways to express sexual interest.

Touch – The gold standard of sexual interest is touch. If you can touch her, you should. One way to start touching her is to get close enough to her to use touch to punctuate the conversation. Hugging also works. When you ask her a tough question and she gives you a good answer, spread your arms and go in for the hug. In the approach, I give her as many hugs as I can. When you’re comfortable, you won’t just touch and withdraw, you’ll leave your hand there, either holding her hand or leaving your arm around her.

Compliments – Don’t just compliment. Make your compliments over the top sexy. I can best illustrate this by providing an example: “That is a sexy, sexy outfit.” Pause. “If you were mine, I would rip that outfit off you with my teeth.”

Flirting – Example: “Look around this room. You’re an attractive woman. Suppose you were to walk around propositioning men and I were to walk around propositioning women, who do you think would do better?” They always say they would, to which I say, “Well, that really depends on what you think is ‘better’. In a way, you’re right. If you approach 10 guys, 9 are going to say yes to you. Even most married guys would. They will all fuck you if you let them, but here’s the kicker. You won’t know which of them really like you. Meanwhile, I will approach 10 girls and get 9 no’s and 1 yes, but when I do get a yes, chances are that the girl I approached likes me. So, who’s doing better, you or me?” My flirting is sexy and interactive, but it also makes them think.

Stories – Tell sexy stories and inject sex into ordinary conversation. Sex is part of virtually every element of my approach, even my description of what I do (which has nothing to do with sex) has elements of sex in it. Showing women that you don’t follow the rules of polite society is very powerful. Rules are made for followers not leaders.