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This is where coaching really helps. No matter how bad your game, you should be seeing a constant stream of small improvements. They could be really small. They could be slightly longer conversations or a little smile or a question directed back to you. If you are not seeing that steady stream of improvements, you are doing something wrong, and you need a coach to point it out to you. It’s very hard to coach yourself. You can be saying all the right things and losing the game with your body language. Or you could be a jittery banter monkey, trying so hard to impress her. Or… there are so many ways to screw this up. I bet you if you get a good coach to look at your game for 2 hours, he’ll have a lot of comments for you. In the end, it’s that constant stream of small improvements that keeps you going when you don’t have any success. You know that eventually success will come. If you’re not seeing those improvements, it’s much harder to stay motivated without some actual success.