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@Lee/RyanO– You two seriously have your wires crossed—still sounds like you guys agree on most things. Honestly–both of you may get a boatload more women than I do, but to me a lot of this “argument” looks like theoretical minutiae. Ultimately it doesn’t look like what you’re doing is actually all that different. Maybe in what is actually said, but not in framework.

Here are the commonalities I see:

1. Flirting (in various forms) is useful.
2. Sexual assertiveness is not only useful, but important and pivotal to moving things forward.
3. Women like sex more than guys admit/want to admit, so it’s important to recognize that and express ourselves accordingly.

I don’t agree with the idea that all women are hard up for sex all the time, and I tend to think that even for things like one night stands, women with any degree of self-worth at least want the guy to be a worthwhile individual in some way or another–not just a cock for the night. Because those are a dime a dozen (or a dime a million, really)

What does look different to me is the kinds of women you’re both pursuing, and what you want from them. Ryan’s approach is more ‘I want this–I’ll go get it”. Lee’s is “Maybe I want this, and maybe I don’t. Let’s have some fun in the interaction first and we’ll see if she fits the bill”.

As far as I’m concerned, both approaches have their merits, depending on the circumstance. And challenging, and what Lee refers to as “skepticism”, is usually inherent in flirting anyway.