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My personal experience – just going direct and telling girls they are ‘cute’ is a good second stage exercise for overcoming AA…without something to continue to conversation, all I used to get was a “ Thank you “ and away they would go…..many of the direct coaches, will also advise to attempt to “ reverse the dynamic and present yourself as skeptical” as soon as possible….

Challenging girls , calling them out on their BS, and mostly maintaining my frame – this works much better….here’s an example …
I picked up a cute Blond at a salad bar ( using an indirect opener) and we sat to eat together. She had grown up on a farm in Virginia, and now she’d chosen an apartment in the city center. Tiny & overpriced. I just said, “yea, that’s what it is , you’re a farm girl, of course you want to live in the center of the city now ! “. I wasn’t even teasing anymore, just being blunt. She loved it…”that’s what I like about people from NYC, they tell it straight up like it is “ , and she asked for my number there and then.