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and btw, to the guys reading this. when I was starting out it was this whiteknighthood behavior that prevented me from getting to the next level. thinking that girls aren’t as horny. that they don’t want sex rather they’re looking for relationships, and they’re looking for the right guy to “challenge” them on intellectual things, and doesn’t return their calls right away, and all that CRAP.

if you go to any pickup forum you’ll always have these two mindsets. i can tell you right now from experience DO NOT hide your sexual interest from a girl. that’s the worst thing you can do. don’t get on this stupid bullshit of acting like you’re “above” her that’s what is NOT gonna get you laid.

what gets you laid is always escalating. I remember one time I just came out of a bar, talked to this girl on the sidewalk and we were immediately heavily flirting. the person she was with all of a sudden had to leave to attend to a call and we were left flirting there. i just grabbed her hand and said “come with me”. and she’s like “where? :)”. and i was like “you’ll see”. i immediately whistled to a cab, as soon as I got in I just gave him my address. during the cab ride I just put her hand over my erection (on top of my clothes) and she immediately started rubbing it. we got to my place 10 mins later and it was a done deal.

i’ve had another situation where i met a girl at the register of a coffeeshop. i asked her to join me for a cup of coffee. we were talking about boring bullshit but every once in awhile i’d give her a “i wanna fuck you glance”. and i noticed she caught it because she’d smile slightly and she’d blush. when i invited her to come to my place to “chill” she was more than ready. we had sex about 10 minutes after going inside my apt. i remember this girl asked me to cum on her face. like she actually asked me to do that. 🙂

another one was me at a bar, a girl passed by me and I just said to her “come here”. and pulled her close to me. and she’s like “yeaahhh?? who are you?” but she said it in such a flirty way i just immediately made out with her. she was so into it that i rubbed her ass and then i stuck my hand inside her pants (no joke) in the middle of the bar and fingered her and noticed how wet she was. fast forward 10 minutes later she’s giving me a hand job in the alley outside the bar (i had my coat over) as we’re making out.

I remember another one i was on a date with a girl i got a quick number (30 secs) off of on a daygame set a few days before. anyway, i invited her out. we were sitting at the park talking about boring shit for like an hour. finally i just started inspecting her bracelet and she just laid her arm on my lap. just the way she so readily did that was like “green light”. so all I did was after a minute go in for the kiss. after a few minutes of making out heavily i just say “come have a drink at my place”. i remember we walked in, i closed the door. we looked at eachother, and just immediately started undressing eachother like it was our last day on earth.

i have so many of these stories guys, and they’re all the same. me basically escalating sexually without much pre-thought, just being horny and expressing it which makes the girl all the more hornier. i’ve seen it play out so many times i don’t need any more convincing. and i don’t need to argue with guys that clearly don’t “get it”.

but what concerns me is when guys just give other guys false information on forums like this. and then those guys run around in circles for years and just don’t get it. i’m here, atleast for the short term to prevent that.