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Argh the amount of bs in one post I can’t take it. Lee I like you, but with your mindset there’s just no way you’ve gotten more than a few occassional bangs. Or at the very least it takes you weeks to sleep with a girl.

The hotter the woman is the more she wants a committed relationship? what a bunch of bull. If anything, the hotter the woman the more she wants to get banged because she’s used to guys walking on eggshells around her.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had sub two hour lays (ie having sex within a two hour frame of meeting). in both day and nightgame with great looking girls. and I’m not talking about a date i’m talking about meeting them that same day.
your politically correct article has no business in underground pickup forums such as these. i’ve also had sub two hour orgies. girls generally go for “adventure” more than anything. if the guy has NO sexual shame they’ll basically jump into bed with him. it’s guys that limit themselves to what is possible (not girls). girls if anything are the perverted ones. but they just can’t lead themselves to what they want. they need the guy to atleast give them the opportunity to live out their fantasies. i remember last time i was in vegas. made out with a cute blonde girl after 30 seconds of meeting her in a club, 5 minutes later i say “wanna go up to my hotel room?” her: “ok”. fast forward 30 minutes later. me: “can i cum in your mouth?”. her: “ok” with a smile. and i’ve seen this type of behavior from so many girls im simply at awe you’d write something like this to the poor guys in this forum.

and it has nothing to do with a man’s looks it just has to do with how well he leads her and how comfortable he is in creating a sexual vibe with her.

this reminds me, check out a new guy on youtube called “deepak wayne” type it in the search bar. i think he’s been working with justin wayne lately. the guy looks like crap yet he’s been pulling sdl’s. i’ve also had enough sdl’s to know he’s legit. and he’s not doing anything special (regardless of what he might think) he’s simply leading them. that’s really all you need in an okcupid world. girls are longing for men that actually act like men and aren’t trying to hide their sexuality. and girls especially want to live out a fun fantasy.