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I do not know how to measure how much women like sex. I suspect that women like sex a lot. I don’t know if they like it more than men or less than men. What is a common theme in so many of these studies is that the more attractive the woman, the more she wants committed sex with one man. The more attractive the man, the more he wants to sleep around. If you offer a very attractive women sex, you are barking up the wrong tree. She may want sex with you, but mostly as a byproduct of what else you have to offer her. She can get sex any time, just by approaching the hottest single guy at the bar and saying “Hi”. She will want sex more with you if you are an interesting, accomplished man with lots of romantic options. Men, on the other hand, couldn’t really give a shit if a girl has many romantic options or none. If she’s hot, they want her. That’s a huge, huge difference in preferences. And if you want to do better with highly desirable women, you should be aware of this difference. You should offer them what they want, your high value. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be sexual with them. They consider you more valuable if you are able to express your desires without fear. However, that’s not the only value you can display. There are others that they also look for. High standards, pre-selection, and other values can get you more of what you want than simply being sexual with hot women.