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No one wants to be accused of being boring. That’s why Eric’s ploy works.

That having been said, I prefer challenging them on what’s important to you, not what would be important to just anyone. If you like books or music or art or film or whatever, make sure she knows it by asking her tough questions, questions that she may actually find a little uncomfortable and a little aggressive. It’s all good. She may not be your ideal type, but she still wants to meet a man who has high standards.

Me: “How old are you, like 27?”
Her: “26!”
Me: “26? Really. You know, when I was your age, the only novels I read were the ones assigned to me in school. Is that you?”
Her: “No, I read all the time. I love books.”
Me: “Oh, yeah. What’ve you read? Give me a few favorites.”
Her: “I like Pride and Prejudice.”
Me: “A classic. Ok, have you ever read The Brothers Karamazov?”
Her: “No.”
Me: “No?! It’s only considered one of the most important novels ever written. Now we’ve figured out why you need me and all we have to do is figure out why I nee you.”
Her: “Ha ha! What’s so good about it?”
Me: “There are three pages in that book that every woman should read to understand men. You think you understand men?”
Her: “I think so.”
Me: “Really? Every woman says that but let me ask you this question: why do men cheat?”

I’m not complimenting her. I’m not bantering with her. I’m not kissing her ass. I’m asking her tough questions the answers to which are actually interesting to me. If I do it right, she’ll try to impress me with her answers.