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i think being a challenge means behaving in a way that shows you’re not totally sold on her and having her invest/prove herself to you. Having this ‘buyer mentality’ where you’re this buyer who is screening and qualifying the shit out of her. She has to earn your attention and approval because you’re a selective badass male who has his choice of females. Don’t be easy to please.
I’d say this attitude is attained through a ton of things. Changing your mindset, being bold, less outcome independent, etc.

Having nice conversations gets you nowhere because theyre safe and show no balls. Theyre friendly and dont show your true intentions. Unless you wanna be friends of course.

“That sounds like a really serious job. But you’re not one of those girls that doesn’t know how to have fun are you?”

Yeah if you say that seriously and in a boring way it won’t work. But i doubt anyone would really say it like that unless they’re a huge bore. I think the above example challenges more so emotionally rather than intellectually. Her response would most likely relate to her having fun, being happy, talking about her hobbies. It could work if said with proper delivery and a nice smirk at the end.