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Hmm, this is a confusing one.

Possible explanations:

The girl kinda liked you but it wasn’t quite there.
She liked your friend for a minute but he came on way too strong.
She used you as a reason to dump his ass, then she thought she was going to lose you so she did a u-turn on your relationship (well played by you).

The girl purposely started getting with your friend to mind-fuck you into doing some crazy shit to show your investment. When you didn’t do anything, she realised she has to work more for you.

Option 2 sounds crazy, but some women really are master manipulators and will do stuff like that.

I think option 1 is more likely. But it means that basically you are her ‘plan B’ until something better comes along. Is that what you want? Dump this indecisive bitch.

(BTW, she is still in danger of coming between you and your friend)