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So things took an interesting turn now.

My buddy called me yesterday before my shift and told me that he had called her to arrange a hang out with her on Vday. They talked and she agreed to hang out. He asked her if she had feelings for me and she said yes. This upset him as he saw that she was playing both of us in a way. He also told her he really liked her (bad move imo). He said that if they hang out together, i might be upset. She said she’d talk to me about it.

Now we both begin our shift, everything seems fine and i was acting very happy but i couldn’t care less about what she was saying. She picked up on it and said i was acting weird. I told her i was fine and made a passing comment that ‘work was very peaceful when she was gone’ lol. She became upset and asked if i was happy not working with her last week. I said i had mixed emotions. We ended up deciding we’d discuss this after work.

After work she gets into my car to talk lol. We basically start making out right there. Eventually we start discussing things. She says she really likes me and i ask her if she has feelings for my friend to gauge if shes playing both of us. She says not at all and that all he is is a platonic friend. She says she has a lot of guy friends and thought that he wanted just to be friends haha.

In a way this is sort of comforting as it seems shes into me and friendzoned him but i still find it a little fishy.

btw i used your vday card idea. I printed off some stupidly cheesy valentines cards and gave them to her. She loved it. Thanks man