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i agree with Lee here and this is what my experience is. this is not true that girls like sex as much as men. yes, they like sex with man they attribute value to. it can be just looks, or confidence but more often a status or fame.

i have a friend who is a well know local biker. he got looks and high status and girl literally throws at him, he don’t have to approach, they approach him.

anyway, he has a value in her eyes.

my point is most girls need emotional reason to get laid. for women sex is an option. sure, they may turn in sexual monster later on in bed, but not until you become valuable to them.

that is the difference between men and women. we – as the men- dont need a emotional reason to get laid, just hot body and cute face is enough to fuck. on the other hand, for girl there must be some kind of value that triggers her sexual side; and usually looks is not enough unless there isn’t something behind it.

sure, there are some so called sluts that fuck around but that is minority.

if some body tells that women crave for sex as much as men, hey, just look at prostitution market. what is female prostitute to male prostitute ratio? how about porn industry?

95% sex market is design for men. this is because men libido push us to load our semen no matter what.

that being said, i dont agree with Lee that chalanging is what most desriable men do. First off all, you keep operating this phrase. Who is most desirable men? Celebrities? Actors? Rockstars? I am pretty sure most of them dont care if a girl read books or not. As long as she is hot and want to fuck. Why should he care? Why should he bother to chalange her in the first place if he can have sex with her at beckoning of his finger.