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“The more desirable they are, the more they want to be with men who find them attractive for more than their looks.”

Not from my experience. The hottest girls are the ones that just want sex the most. I can’t tell you how many girls I’ve pulled from clubs, and even daygame in less than an hour and went home with straight right away right into sex, with no gimicks or bullshit.

I didn’t challenge them in the least. It was on from the moment we locked eyes. Am I good looking? I’d say about average. My vibe is sexual with girls though. And after I slept with these girls I always talked about game with them, and almost everyone told me the same thing:

That it’s refreshing when a guy is just clear what he wants. That most guys pussyfoot around them and guys don’t tell them what they really want. And alot of girls just want cold hard sex, it’s the truth. So that’s really the only way I separate myself from the herd these days.

So not so sure what you mean by challenging. If I see a girl I want to have sex with, do I need to challenge her intellectually? Not really. I’m telling you the honest truth. A playboy playmate can literally have the personality of a shoe and I’d still want to sleep with her. What can I say? I’m just a normal man. So doing anything else would be fake. I find that women actually are really turned on to guys that are true and unapologetic about their nature.

Does she require me to challenge her so that she thinks I want to “get to know her personality”? Absolutely not. I think we live in a new era now where girls are exposed to sex alot more than back in the day due to cell phones and technology. Girls these days are perverts. All you need to do really is just hand them sex, you’re essentially a vibrator for them. So not sure where you’re coming from with all this “challenge” them stuff or make them think I want them more from their looks when so many girls that I’ve slept with has ONLY been for their looks and they knew it and were STILL ok with it.