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You escalate because you think she’s hot. It’s the only thing you know about her. Touch her, tease her, talk about the inappropriate and sexual. That is completely honest.

But don’t give her a free pass on the stuff you don’t know about her! Is she smart? Is she funny? Is she accomplished? Is she well read? Is she insightful? Does she understand people? Etc., etc. Not only will you filter out boring women, but you will also make the most desirable women more interested in going out with you. Why? Because the most desirable men are picky. They have plenty of beautiful women in their lives. They don’t need to accept boredom to get beauty. Women intuitively understand this behavior of the most desirable men. This is why studies show that women are more attracted to men who are not immediately and completely convinced that any woman, no matter how beautiful is good enough for them.

Men who are bad with women do the opposite. By not sexually escalating, both physically and psychologically, they deny the true nature of their desires. At the same time, they shower women with compliments. They tell women how smart and accomplished and cool and amazing those women are for the flimsiest reasons, reasons that are obviously just a pretense because these women haven’t said or done anything to deserve those compliments!

Be honest! You’re sexually interested? Drag her into the hot zone. You’re interested in more than that? Challenge her. Ask her tough questions. Make her work for it. That’s when women start chasing men.