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Ugh. As a long time coach watching this Sasha video, all I can do is cringe. “You’re amazing” “You’re lovely” “You’re hot” Nothing but compliments, compliments, compliments. He’s a good looking guy so he’s going to get some girls anyway, but he’s actually working against himself. He could be doing so much better. All he projects is a nervous energy and a need to make girls laugh. This is what I would be thinking if I were a girl: “He knows nothing about me and he’s trying sooooooo damn hard. He must not have enough beautiful women in his life.” The one number he gets at the end is worthless. I see no actual buy in whatsoever. None of these girls are actually interested in anything he’s saying. It’s all one way. They love the validation, but they hardly ask him any questions. Even if I got a chance to go on a date with one of these girls, I wouldn’t. I have enough beautiful women in my life. I want to go on dates that are fun, exciting, and interesting, and none of these girls are showing any indication that that’s what a date with them would be like.