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don’t say anything about your friend.. it won’t make a difference, she’ll go with whoever she likes more regardless. and saying something about it shows that you’re invested which will drive her away even more (she said she didn’t want a relationship right?) besides, you don’t want one either with her. especially if she doesn’t have sex before marriage. only talk about your friend AFTER you’ve had sex with her and it gets more serious. right now it’s just like 5th grade bullshit, have fun with it.

as far as the makeout, try to flirt with her before-hand. like make a bunch of jokes and just build a fun and sexy vibe in the room between her. and when you flirt just try and make her horny. when you go for the makeout it should be out of passion (not out of desperation.)

if she still gives an excuse. act like nothing happened then try again after 10-20 minutes. then repeat until she gives in, which she will- bc she’s kissed you before. besides, if you make her horny enough with good flirting she’ll definitely give in.

i have no sympathy for her or your “friend”. she’s playing the field, and your friend is trying to steal your girl even though he knew you were with her before. so those two can kiss it.