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@Cartoox you’re not getting me. All I’m saying is that a guy doesn’t need to change his interests to attract girls. For example, a guy that likes to play D&D doesn’t need to do something else all of a sudden to win over a girl. A poor guy doesn’t need to be rich to attract a girl. There’s no archetype for the “perfect man” in girls eyes. That’s just a fantasy hollywood plays on people.

The thing that men need to change is accepting who they are, and going out and approaching more girls. That’s about it. Sure a little bit of work doesn’t hurt, like changing style, going to gym, etc. But these are little things compared to the work they need to just go out there and learn to express themselves. And learn how to communicate better. Check out how hard it is for guys on this forum just to approach these little chicks. Why is it so hard? Because of years of social conditioning like you said. But getting money, changing interests, or changing into a new suit won’t change any of that. All I’m saying is that most guys that I’ve encountered are “enough”. They just need to work on approaching and escalating.