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I agree with the overall tone of this. I’ve been preaching the “be yourself thing” forever on this forum.

but i’d like to take it a little bit further than your post. BE YOURSELF. means, yes, you can be that fat, d&d nerd, and still have success.

and no you don’t need to: “He’s probably in shape. He probably dresses sharp. He’s probably relaxed, confident, and has a great sense of humor. He probably has hobbies he’s dedicated to and feels quite strongly about his mission in life.”

You don’t need any of that. that’s a cop out. you’re good enough the way you are.

you don’t need to dress sharp. you don’t need money. you can be old. it doesn’t matter really. you can be anything.

if i was back in highschool right now and you gave me the outfit of a nerd: glasses, pocket protector, everything. i’d still be able to get chicks.

the only thing it is for me is a realization that taking ACTION is above everything. And people’s interests. and people’s interests contradict each other. there’s so many weird fetishes out there. some girls like fat men. some girls like old men. some girls like fit men. some girls like confident men. some girls like nerds. some girls want orgies. some girls are secretely lesbians. some girls want a husband. some girls want bukkake. some girls want a lover. some girls want to be treated with respect. some want to be treated like shit.

there’s a girl for everyone. so whatever and whoever you are. just be that and don’t change for the girl. just by taking action and understanding that rejection is a part of the process, because you simply can’t fit all interests. but if you remain true to yourself, and you approach enough, you’ll find your match.