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I agree with you Mr.A. It’s all just a framework for discovering your own game. I mean, Lee and Ryano have almost completely opposite viewpoints on this, but weirdly they are both right.

Routines can be great, but equally they can completely bomb. Going in with no plan and no bullshit can make you look ballsy, but equally it can make you look like you have nothing interesting to offer.

I do believe that a lot of what Ryano says about game is right. Sometimes I really feel like I’m putting the girl on a pedestal by using pre-scripted lines etc on her. And sometimes I feel like the girl senses that I am trying and she thinks less of me as a result. But equally I have seen some awesome shit happen as a result of using ‘game’ tactics. I am not even that good at this stuff and I have had girls contact/chase me – something Ryano says never happens.

Even going back to ‘the Game’, Neil Strauss talked about being part of two very different ‘schools’ of pickup, and he just tried to take the best of both. So maybe that’s the best thing to do. Experiment and find your own way.

Strauss also said that routines are training wheels, which I think agrees with your original point MrA.