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“However, I think it’s easier to be totally yourself with women when you have lots of options”

this is the chicken an egg problem, but by totally being yourself, that’s how you get ALOT of options. because by being yourself you understand that you MUST MUST MUST hit on women all the freaking time!

awesome work in topshop. you can get a new girl’s number from that place every single day if you wanted to, btw. it’s not hard. just approach at the very least 5 a day in that store, and say “hi sorry to interrupt, i just thought you looked great.. my name is XXX”. don’t show anxiety. don’t overly smile, maybe just a polite smile. but your facial expression and vibe should be like drinking a glass of water i.e., no big deal (and it won’t be after you’ve approached hundreds in that way). she says “blabla” or “blabla thanks but i have a bf”. if she says the former you just ask her a few basic questions like does she live in the area, where does she work. you reciprocate with that information, then you just ask for the number telling her you’d like to meet up for a coffee and get to “know eachother better” and leave. the conversation should not take more than 60 seconds (if you wish to continue the conversation, that’s fine.. but just know that it’s not a requirement) if you get the number just leave the store. if you don’t get the number due to her having a bf you approach more. and under no circumstances let it effect you if she turns you down. you should not even flinch. just go about your merry business like it never even happened. and don’t be scared to approach girls even in her vicinity. it’s not even an issue getting a new number every day if you’re just direct and keep it basic.