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Working out is a great analogy. Studies show that most athletes are overtrained. The answer is not more pain but smarter workouts. You took a pickup course and sarged for a year before you took the daygame class that opened your eyes to the power of direct approaching. Most of the guys who come to me are not there. They are at the point where a few days of pain are going to make them more nervous not less nervous. For most newbies, a gradual, gentle approach is much, much better.

And yes, Deep Thoughts is a direct approach. Here is where I draw the line: does she know that you’re flirting with her? When you ask for directions, the answer is no. When you tell her she’s thinking deep thoughts, the answer is yes. In fact, Deep Thoughts is more direct than a compliment. Ostensibly, a compliment can mean that you’re not interested in talking. That happens all the time. You say nice boots and walk on. On the other hand, when you tell her she’s thinking deep thoughts, she knows you want to stick around and talk.