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I think there is a big difference between indirect and direct.

There are pros and cons of both. But direct takes more balls (and grows your balls
more). It gets you into personal conversation quicker and it has a more polarising effect. I have gone direct on model-looking women before and had them instantly start asking me rapport questions (which I answered badly). I’ve never had that with indirect openers.

I’ve used ‘deep thoughts’ a fair bit and I actually would put it in the category of indirect openers. It doesn’t work if you make eye contact with a girl 10 metres away and walk over to her. But it does work well if you are chatting up a girl you are sitting next to on a bus.

Obviously I’m not gonna argue with Lee on this subject as he has used it many more times than me! But my understanding is that the line is meant to be delivered in a serendipitous way rather than being a shrouded direct approach (which would be lower value).