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Having just read your last reply Ryano (I think both of us were posting almost at the same time), I have one other comment about direct approaches.

I think a lot of guys who want to get better in this stuff have deep emotional issues and insecurities with women. I would include myself in that category – although I have worked through a lot of it.

For guys like me, one of the hardest things is/was showing women that you like them. That moment of vulnerability is very hard to expose yourself to when you come across it in normal settings.

But if you are strong enough to intentionally expose yourself to it,
you start to realise it is no big deal. That there is no big danger. That women are actually nice. That not only is it safe to show people you like them – but you can actually get attraction just by doing that.

I’m not suggesting that every guy who struggles with women would benefit from direct approaches – but that intentional vulnerability has helped me personally 100%.