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Meh, as far as what is the best approach for beginners. I’d say direct just from my own experiences. I had eric as a coach who taught me indirect, later on I had sasha daygame that taught me direct. and comparing the two experiences i can easily say that doing direct was like a religious awakening to me. and by far the more important of the two esp as a beginner.

guys that suck with women is usually because they over analyze and go into theories of what is the “best” way to approach women. indirect feeds into that mindset in the worst way. you start wasting time trying to figure out what the best way to “transition” is as opposed to actually doing what’s important and effective: flirting with a girl and asking a girl out.

mr. antiquity if you do direct 0% of the time i would strongly urge you to reconsider that. i’d say direct should be done 80-90% of the time.

and when i say direct i dont mean necessarily “i thought you were cute blabla” i mean conveying to the woman your intent right away. where you nonverbals indicate to her that you’re a potential suitor. ie talking to her on a personal/flirty level where “transitioning” is not required at all. what lee does with his deep thoughts for example i consider direct.

what i dont consider direct is asking a woman for directions and then having to transition, for my experience is just doesnt work anywhere as effective as you just approaching her and asking her out. esp. for beginners. the more advanced you are you can start bending the rules: giving her mixed messages, for example asking her about the weather and then transitioning in a smooth way.. but for beginners that have not talked to many women and dont know how to flirt. you’ll far creep alot more women out than if u’d have just gone direct and put your intention out in the open from the start.