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It’s amazing what this stuff does to your outlook.

I’m still far from the mindset that Ryano talks about. (I am getting better though – I was able to approach two girls today, very direct, with no warmup whatsoever. Back on track.)

However, in the past year and a half since I’ve started doing this, I’ve seen some real changes.

I’ve got more assertive. I look people in the eyes more. I get people telling me I’m confident. I’ve stopped taking hurtful things personally. I’ve doubled my income(!). I’ve been able to come out of my shell at work. My therapist even told me I walk differently. I could go on..

I’m sure some of this is down to a combination of self-improvement efforts, but I honestly feel like approaching women on a regular basis has done far more for me than any other thing I’ve done. I have played music on a stage in front of thousands of people, and that did nothing for my confidence in comparison.

So many people think it is crazy, weird or even unethical to do this stuff, and yet it is arguably one of the most powerful things a guy could do for himself.