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Yes, you do need to do things in the realm of normality obviously I’m not advocating to go out and do crazy things like swinging your dick out in public or something. Or texting someone hundreds of times. I generally don’t send more than one text to a single girl when I ask her to go out. If she doesn’t respond I don’t send her a text for weeks, maybe I even delete her. So yes, you need to do things in the context of what you think is “right”. But you’ve had your entire life to think of what is right and wrong for you as an individual. Your personality dictates what is right and wrong. Besides, different personalities attract different people. Be unique to who you are, and you’ll attract a girl with the same interests. For example, I couldn’t attract a biker chick or girl with massive tattoos because I’m not like that, but I can attract your everyday corporate/university type of girl. Those are who I appeal to because they have the same background as me.

Just do what you want within the umbrella term of “normal”. Approaching girls isn’t something out of normality. You see many guys doing this. People don’t see it like “wow, this guy is really weird I can’t believe he’s heterosexual!” if anything, people admire courage.

What I don’t advocate is holding your thoughts in your head and not expressing them. For example, I can see you talking to a girl about politics but not going for what you really want, which is being affectionate with her or making out with her. You must be willing to lose the girl for the sake of your interest, because quite frankly if you don’t do it (and she has the interest of making out) then you will lose her. She’ll just write you off as “friend” and go with a guy that is more daring.