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@R O

There’s a lot about that mindset that I like. Not all of it–but the idea that it’s YOUR world, YOU are the one who has to fully live in it, so do what YOU want to do — is frankly a pretty healthy approach to things.

Although i do think that there’s lots of things you can do “wrong” — it’s not just about the girl. The girls who have responded well to me did so in part because of how they were feeling, but also how I’ve acted. If I talk to someone about politics, I’ll have a friendly political discussion. If I tease someone, they’ll tease back, and charge the interaction. If I touch someone, they might touch back–and charge the interaction even more. If I text someone five times in a row, they’ll probably think “what’s up with this creepy loser?”

So there are definitely things you can do right or wrong, to increase/decrease your chance. The “game” business that everyoen talks about (but has different definitions for) is just a way of looking at those things that encourage flirtation/sexual interaction, rather than discourage it. But of course people are people, and both women and men are fickle in any given moment. But there are things you can do to make that a bit less of a deal-breaker.