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oh and one other tip for AA, watch prank videos on youtube in addition to watching infield daygame videos. prank videos and pickup go together well.. bc pickup is really all about messing with people. here are some good prank/pickup channels on youtube:
BarryBeeTV,Cupid Shmupid,DennisCeeTV,Dr Destruction,Freddy Fair Hair,Good Looking Loser,boytoystory,Honest Signalz,How To Not Give a Fuck,InfraBren,JoshPalerLin,LAHWF,Justin Wayne Dating,OckTV,QuietAssassins,RiskyRobTV,VitalyZdTv,shawnrtv,simple pickup,simple misfits,squattincassanova,street attraction,super social lifestyle,thanosfilms,That Brown Nerd,theCHAIZYchannel,tom torero,whatever,willy beck,etc.

these are just some of them, I used to watch prank videos just as much as pickup videos. i’d analyze them and watch them again and again. i was obsessed with people’s reactions and how much the pranksters truly didn’t give a shit about embarrassing themselves.

nowadays i don’t watch this stuff as much my youtube videos have turned more into entrepreneurship related stuff.. but still, for those of you that are looking at getting more social i think prank vids are great..