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to chime in again–I DO think that game is a ticket to discovering who you were all along. I think sexuality is innate–but many of us have managed to socialize it out of ourselves for various reasons. Hence “approach anxiety”–it’s a feeling that what you’re doing isn’t acceptable for some reason. People who spend all their time getting “in state”, haven’t really gotten past it–although they may have a lot of success. That’s why a bad event can set you back–if you haven’t beaten it yet. Ultimately there are some people who have these epiphanies from going through game, say “oh–NOW I get it!!” and don’t really rely on “game” anymore.

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times on this forum, the people who are the best with women are those who never realized they were supposed to have a problem in the first place.

–to answer your question about whether I can talk to a rock–well, if I imagine that it’s a real person, not always — I can conjure up the same feeling.