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Yes AA is still a struggle. I have got way better with it but I still have a way to go. I have to ‘ramp up’ as Eric puts it – start with something easy and gradually get more ballsy.

I do struggle with approaching in front of others – again I see myself gradually improving but that’s definitely my biggest hurdle. I’ve no problem giving light compliments, asking directions, asking for opinions but I get AA any time I’m explicitly trying to hit on a girl.

As to why – that’s an interesting question. I think AA is a natural thing for guys to have, but it can also be affected by your own subconscious issues with women and self image.

I was doing REALLY well with my AA a couple of weeks ago. I found myself not needing to ramp up – I could go straight into a really ballsy approach. But then I got rejected by a girl I really like and hey presto – my AA has come flooding back. However, it could also be that I have had to work a lot in the past couple of weeks and could not go out every day like before.