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I’ve no problem with most of those things you mentioned. I do fine with flirting and escalating, I’ve even had girls say things like ‘you know exactly what to do, I can tell you’d never have a problem taking a girl home’. I’ve had girlfriends, one night stands, FWBs, blah blah blah. Most of them mediocre girls though.

However I think most of those skills, like normal flirting, work fine when you are meeting people in a ‘passive’ dating environment, e.g meeting someone at a party who is a friend of a friend. But cold approach seems to be a different ball game all together.

I’d say in your list, the only thing I struggle with personally is approach anxiety – hence why I’m on this website.

But maybe you’re right Ryano, maybe it’s all bollocks and game is just a way to discover what you had all along. But in the absence of some magical pill that will make me instantly discover my own value, I can’t see any other way to get better at this than to model the behaviour of someone else who is good at it.