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I assume that when you go up to a girl and ask her out you sometimes flirt with them, right? THe whole idea of “game” as this weird industry is simply because a lot of guys didn’t internalize these dynamics, so it helps to break them down: what he might say, how she might (or might not) respond and why. That’s all it is. I’ve noticed–like you–that when I’ve done the best with women it’s been natural. But after signing up for these forums, and seeing what goes on in this weird underworld, it also became clear that the time I’ve had success is when I was doing these things–but without realizing it until after the fact.

I agree that you don’t want to plan/manipulate your every move, but it’s nice to have a framework for what the whole thing actually looks/feels like.

It’s like music theory and jazz–some people can just play jazz. Raw, innate talent. But for a lot of people it can broaden horizons knowing the fundamentals behind it–the theory. But you don’ twnat those fundamentals to shape every single chord you write because then it becomes mechanical and phony. For me, I want the theory to help release the passion/emotion, not dictate it.