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Seems kinda late but I’ll add my 2 cents in…There’s a lot of good advice up there already, especially Lee’s point that you want to focus on people that are adding something to your life and dropping the rest. However from reading your initial description in your opening post, there is one thing that sticks out.
On a first date, I would escalate a bit, actually a lot if possible, mostly to establish the dynamic from the start that this is about sex and a possible relationship.
From my experience, when I don’t escalate and establish some sort of sexual/ romantic dynamic on the first date, the second date either doesn’t materialize or ends up with me in the friend zone.

Find something that suits your personality …Me, I tell them their outfits makes them look really nice and sexy, and sometimes I ask them to spin around so I can check their butts out….I get a lot of “hey” and “ hahaha” but it does establish the flirty dynamic from the start of the date….after which escalating seems more natural.
Have some stories and topics ready..
This past Monday night, with the girl that I’ve mentioned in my post “Text response ideas “ , within 20 minutes of sitting down, we were talking about vibrators and she was telling me stories about them from her past….despite the fact that she said “ hmm, strange topic to start the evening with “ . As Ryano says up there , its our job to lead…

Eric and almost all other coaches focused on pickup and attraction strongly recommend escalating quickly on your first dates…