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It’s not like your pulling back had anything to do with it. Take yourself completely out of the equation. Your games have nothing to do with her responding or not responding. If anything, they make things worse. The moment the girl feels that you’re playing value games it becomes transparent that you’re “working” for her. Don’t play be her rules. Message her whenever you want. Even if it makes you seem “lame”. Of’course don’t overdo it. But show her that you’re not keeping score, that it’s not a tit-for-tat type thing. Where if she did something “bad” you do something “bad” in return. That’s like two girls playing. Instead, you show her that you could care less about her games. For example, a girl takes 3 days to respond to my text and then she sends me a text, I have no problem responding within a second back to her and asking her out.

Sometimes the girl doesn’t respond to you. Then you simply message her on a “better” day and then she wants to meet up. Girls can even dislike you yet meet up with you if you message them again on a day where their attitude is better: ie she’s either lonely or horny. Provided you didn’t give off needy signals. And are simply a persistent person.

In a transient society where people forget about each other after the first date, and play mind games with eachother, a girl finds value in an honest guy that keeps on trying. For months even. Even if she doesn’t give warm fuzzy feelings back.

Girls bend, and girls break, and eventually they give in to the guy that is persistent. But whatever you do, don’t keep score. You’ll find that they behave in random ways, and the ones with the most options behave the most erratic. Because logistics are random. (what she’s doing that week, who she’s with, are her parents in town? is she with her girlfriends) and emotions are random. Ie she hates you, she likes you, you seem creepy so she hates you again. in fact, she hates all men, she doesn’t want anything to do with you, you’re not her type AT ALL. go away. Don’t ever message her! Well ok, she’s open to the possibility of MAYBE meeting you. ok, she’ll go out for coffee with you, she hates you, well okay you seem decent, she fucks you, she hates you, she doesn’t contact you back. she sort of likes you but isn’t sure. now she’s your girlfriend.

don’t follow their stupid emotions. do what you do. any way you want to do it. you set the tone, the rules, you play by your own rules. and you just know that they’re little drama queens that don’t deserve you playing into their emotional roller coasters. you simply, leave it and try again later. no matter how “pissed” she seemed. women forget and follow. it’s their nature.