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Hey how are you? It’s been a month and so much has happened. I am assuming I made errors or Maybe I got too happy, but Ill get to the point.

Since my last post, we have went on several dates as if we were a couple again. I really didn’t or don’t feel that she was doing her. One of these dates was prior to Thanksgiving. So we spoke about what we were doing. So she invited me over (To me that was a sign she wasn’t seeing anyone else or that she wanted to move forward). So I had said you know what? I’ll take care of all the food and just invite people over. Thanksgiving went well, everyone had fun and so did she. Her family loved me that I am good for her Blah blah (Yes I know some women dont want good.)

After we have went out had fun and she has let me get real close to her son to the point he would call me Dad bymistake. So to me all of this was showing me it was all about me and that she wanted to move forward.

Now if you recall I started this post because I felt I lost her and she was seeing someone else. He happened to text her one day asking about a friend of hers because they have mutual friends. He is Best friends with her Bestfriends Husband and he and her are going to be god Parents I their BFF child. So in other words this guy is always going to be in the picture. So Anyway, he texts her and she mentions this guy just text me, and I am like oh yeah? And she got into on how that was over, that it meant nothing, that it only lasted like 2-3 Months but since they all grew up together they stood cool. That he has always wanted to be with her and since she was single she gave it a shot. That she stopped seeing him because she didn’t want to waste her time with someone she didn’t want to be with that all he worried about was other women and she didn’t have time for that. (I should of acted that way right? Lol)

But for me not to be concerned because that relationship was nothing and meant nothing. That she walked away just fine. So I was more like ok whatever. Mind you I felt she was all giddy over him at the time and posting things that had to do with him on Instagram.

So anyway, after that we have been hanging out spending more time with each other and also with her son.

One day we went to one of my events and a friend of mine who is Egyptian said he was going to visit Egypt to see his family that we should come. So her and me looked at each other like it’s a great idea. After a few weeks of debating I booked a trip to Egypt for us which would be next week.

One day 2 weeks ago she posted a pic of her with the guys mom and aunts. So when I saw it I was like WTF. I thought that shit was over with. So I stood quiet about it. But she said they haven’t spoken. A Few days later he made a comment on her Instagram and made it obvious he had spoken to her earlier that day and my friends even text me if I saw the Instagam. So I questioned her on it. This was her response “It’s not like I’m still fucking with the him Smh. I’m not childish. I don’t need to keep negative energy because a guy feels the way he feels. Kill them with kindness. That’s me. Your more worried about what ppl have to say than the reality of it. It’s NOTHING!”

So then I sad Cmon you here hanging out and posting pics with his mom and aunts. She says “I’ve known them for over 20 years, his family are still good people. Even though they asked me to post it” So my attitude was whatever. To the point her mom called me to tell me that this is my opportunity to be with her especially since we’re both single and that I am killing everything with my insecure outburst (but I just have this gut feeling.

So anyway, I let it fly and we still hang out etc.. 2 days ago she wrote me this:

“Well here’s the thing… And pls don’t get mad bc it nothing. There’s a Christmas dinner tonight from 7-11 and I was asked by “his” sister to join her bc she has no one to go with. She tried her friend and her aunt but she’s sick. So I told her ok yesterday.” All I replied was cool like it didn’t bother me (by honestly that shit ate me up inside”

Yesterday (which was the next day) I went to suprise her for An early lunch at work. And I didn’t see her car. So I was about to call her but I had this Gut feeling. So I went to her house and her car wasn’t there. Then I text her for lunch and she says babe I didn’t go I got sick and I called out and just stood home. Home? Her car wasn’t even home (you already know what I was thinking) so Iam like iam by your house I’ll come over. She goes Im about to leave and get my son. So I was like im a few blocks away and she responded I left already. Obviously she is bullshitting or she would of pulled over from where ever she was at to see me really quick. To me she never came home. I saw her yesterday night and we had dinner. She knew I was bothered by something. I asked her how her night went and she down played it and brushed it off. So this is what’s been happening. I know I made a lot of mistakes but I guess I thought I was in the clear since everything was going so good. I am assuming she was spending it with him after all I have done and after numerous times she kept saying it was nothing.