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One other thing, if I haven’t been clear about the definition:

Polarizing – Being true to what you want to the extent that you’re willing to lose the girl for not supplying what you want. Telling the girl exactly what you’re thinking, being completely transparent to your needs and wants. Not acting like you’re “mr. cool” or “mr. funny” or whatever else you perceive that she will like. Because it’s not about her. She doesn’t know what she wants. It’s all about you and what you want because there *IS* a girl that will satisfy your needs out there. Will every girl satisfy your needs? absolutely not. That’s why you need to polarize and keep polarizing until you find the one that does. Be it for sex, for certain personality characteristics that you’re looking for a girlfriend, and so forth. This requires you to know what you want.

If you don’t know what you want you’re a ship without a sail in a miserable sea of chaos. Cause that’s what women are: chaos. They hardly ever know what they want, and even if they do they’ll never ever act on it. For example, if they want sexual contact they won’t dare to act upon on it. Even something as silly as texting someone out of the blue, they can’t do it. Or deciding where to go on a date, etc. They don’t want to have anything to do with that. Are they at fault for that? Not really, it’s just their nature. They’re passive and they will remain passive to the end of the time.

So they are completely dependent on a man to act upon what he wants, and if he doesn’t then they perceive the man like themselves. And they will go off and find a different man that will. Because women like proactive men that go for what they want. This difference between the sexes is the main attractor switch.

Yes you can funny, tease her, etc. But at the end of the day it’s not what’s gonna bring you any results. Women don’t fuck the “funny man”. They fuck the guy that goes for what he wants without shame. That puts himself out there. In all aspects of life. In his career, with women, in all aspects.

If you start playing around with them you will get NOWHERE. If you start waiting a week or two to show her you’re “mr. cool” you’re just wasting everyone’s time. Lead them to what you want, and if they’re not willing to go there, then you find another one that is, a better fit basically.