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Well I’m glad you’re using that word “polarizing” and if there’s any one word I’d like to chisel in gold and set on a plaque on top of this forum is that, because it’s sorely missing.

Instead of polarizing you’re playing games. “Threesome”? you’re kidding right? Hurricane might be older but he acts like a little kid. Women want reliable men with backbone. You’re not displaying that to her.

Here’s a few other ways you could’ve POLARIZED.

“sorry, I really just wanted to meet just the two of us.. I don’t really want another girl hanging around”
[you’re polarizing on the fact that you want a date not an orbiter gathering]

“didn’t you say you have yoga on thursdays?”
[you’re polarizing/busting her ass on the fact that she said she had yoga the last week]

“wow, only took you 10 days to message me back”
[you’re polarizing her on the fact that she’s unreliable]

“ok, what time should we meet?”
[as a response to her message that sets the tone that you’re not a game player and you just want to handle logistics… personally though I wouldn’t meet her because she’ll be with her friend. and hanging out with two girls is like herding cats]

on the date, you polarize her by nudging her shoulder playfully, by holding her hand, going for the makeout, trying to get her up to your apartment.

Remember, that polarizing just means “are you in or are you out?” even if she’s out you can still try again after few days but it’s so important that she understands that you’re true to your own nature because that is what’s attractive to girls. they feel that your own “goals” are the most important thing to you. and you’re not just there to amuse her, to say these funny little lines to her that don’t mean squat. that don’t get the work done; rather just waste time.

And btw:
“M….German Efficiency applied to long term planning…yes I always enjoy meeting girls who have a sense of adventure, who’re not afraid to have fun….plastic conversations and “best behavior” are boring…..Tell you what….Tuesday after your class , figure between 10 & 10.30 pm ….Text you the place on the day…”

This is so damn try hard I could puke, seriously. First of all less is more. You don’t want your texts to be more than a line, or two MAX. and you’re teasing her for what? for msging you after 10 days, and wanting you to meet with her friend as well?

call her out on being an asshole, she’ll love you for it. or just cut all the bullshit and say “ok, let’s meet. but just you and me.” (see how short that text was?)