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@ Tedted – thank you, I understand the idea behind your response, which is basically to ignore the group invite and isolate for a proper date between the 2 of us….

@ Antiquity – Thanks, yes that’s what I was wondering, it was a ping , even if it is a lukewarm one….” Invest some mental energy ( not too much ) “ – well put, Yea, I agree with that….not every case we get is black and white, yes or no…

@ Ryanno – hahaha…Relax….I was on dates with other girls this past week and have been approaching ….we’re all on this forum to learn from each other and trade experiences….This one just seemed like a more unusual one so I threw it out there to see what we can all learn from it….To follow your advice on polarization, I deliberately asked her out very quickly because we had already discussed drinks & I did not want to get caught up in too much banter……I could always just let it slide and forget about her- I actually did that , but her return ping last night seemed like an opportunity for some mental exercise…..

anyway, here’s what I thought of replying to her before seeing Lee’s suggestion….:

M….German Efficiency applied to long term planning…yes I always enjoy meeting girls who have a sense of adventure, who’re not afraid to have fun….plastic conversations and “best behavior” are boring…..Tell you what….Tuesday after your class , figure between 10 & 10.30 pm ….Text you the place on the day…

all comments appreciated..

@ Lee – the one about a threesome is a great one..…..Thanks..hmmmm….now I’m stuck…..hahahaha….